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Sales Incentive Award Rings

Inspire sales achievement by creating a sales award ring program

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What builds loyalty among your top sales people?
Recognition & Praise.

One leading quality all top sales share is that they want to be “on top”. They want to WIN!

Giving a ring is a special form of recognition that cash and most other awards cannot equal. A gold and diamond ring becomes a conscious reminder of “a job well-done!” Studies show this occurs many times a day.

Consider these strategies to fire up your sales force.

Sales Award Programs


A sales incentive award ring program should establish realistic, achievable sales revenue levels. Award programs are usually named around the attainment of a predetermined target dollar sales level, such as:

  • "$500k Sales Award Ring"
  • $100,000 Sales Award Ring
  • $1,000,000 Sales Achievement Ring (etc.)

Or they are given names such as the following:

  • "President's Club Award Ring"
  • "Elite Club Award Ring"
  • "Diamond Sales Award Ring"
  • "Summit Club Award Ring"
  • "Ring Of Honor"
  • "Sales Excellence Award Ring"
  • "District Director's Award Ring"
  • "Inner Circle Award Ring"
  • "Sales Master Award Ring"
  • "Life Leader Award Ring", Etc.


Rings can also be given for years of service with an organization. For example, an anniversary award ring may be given at 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service. Retirement or career award ring programs recognize a lifetime of achievement within that organization.

An award ring program can be designed to be cost-effective. Each time a new sales level or anniversary is reached the ring can be upgraded in several ways:

  • A small diamond chip can be set in the ring top.
  • It can be engraved with a year date on the side of the ring.
  • An even larger diamond be set in the center of the colored stone as a major sales achievement has been accomplished.

Sales recognition rings are noticed by the other sales staff and create peer group incentive. They also promote a culture of loyalty and leadership within the organization.

Award rings that will fire up your sales force

Sales incentive award ring examples

See what other companies have awarded their employees below or browse our complete collection of styles. In our almost 25 years in operation, we have created sales award ring programs for companies in almost every industry!

Sales award ring design steps:

1) Browse ring style options. After you have determined the sales achievement criteria, review all of our available ring styles online. This will give you some ideas other clients have used. Decide on a ring style that projects the desired “look” that will motivate your sales staff. Do you want a conservative or a more contemporary look, or a championship style?

2) Sketch ring design. On our ring design examples page or the above images, click on a ring photo to open a “blank ring template” window. Print out the template and do a quick sketch of the art and lettering that you would like to see on the ring. The entire ring top and sides can be customized to reflect your sales recognition program. Rings can be "personalized" with:

  • The company’s logo
  • A sales district’s name
  • The award recipient’s name and year date of the award
  • An image of the product or service the organization offers

To reflect the corporate image, consider including sales mission words (e.g. "leadership", "dedication", "loyalty", "service", "professionalism", "honesty", "integrity", "performance", "teamwork", etc.

Do not be concerned about your lack of artistic ability as a LoGoLD artist will bring your sketch to professional quality.

3) Send us the ring template. Email the sketch for a current quote to A LoGoLD representative will contact you within 24 hours. The art can be revised as necessary until you are satisfied with the look and that it is accurately reflecting the award program.

Rings can be made of various materials to fit most price points. Please call for a quotation.