Design Your Company Ring or Organization Custom Awards Jewelry

Designing your own ring is not very difficult. We have created a simple five step process to follow to make your job as easy as possible.

Step One

Choose your ring style.

View our collection of example rings. Choose a style you like and click on it to download a blank ring template. You will be able to start form scratch and design every element to create the perfect ring for your needs. Print out the blank ring template and you are ready to begin.

Step Two

Draw your design.

All you need to do is draw a quick sketch, nothing perfect, just as long as it is legible. Use the blank ring template you downloaded to aid in your design placement, or simply use the style you have chosen and do your best to draw your ideas by hand.

Please note: you may design using ANY ring style. The football-theme style to the left is just one example used to illustrate the steps. Before designing, please browse our list of ring style templates. Choose a template, print it out and draw a quick sketch. If you need any help, please call a LoGoLD representative at 1-314-440-5198.

Once you have completed your simple sketch, email it or fax it, along with your logo, to 1-800-588-1625 and a LoGoLD representative will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the particulars and offer a quotation.

Click here to see all the various parts of the ring that can be customized to fit your exact needs.
Click here to see what gem and ringtop options are available for your ring.

Step Three

We create a preliminary black & white presentation that you can approve or revise. If necessary for special situations your finished black & white drawing can be brought to color marker or airbrush rendering. All you have to do is approve the illustrations.

Step Four

Producing your ring. Using the approved final artwork as a guide, our engravers create a mold to match the illustrations to within a thousandth of a inch. When the mold is finished your ring is cast, assembled, finished, and set.

Step Five

Your finished ring is awarded to whoever is being honored. From now on that person or persons will truly know how much they are valued.