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Truck Driver Safety Award Rings

Dudley Moore once said, "The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it."

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Why Reward a Safety?

A safety award program serves as a constant reminder of your company's number one priority: to drive safely. Besides saving lives and property, it simply costs less. In a recent study of the cost of workplace mishaps, a majority of executives report they save $3 or more for every $1 the company invests in safety.

How to do it

Studies show that an award that is worn (like a Safe Driver award ring or wrist watch) reminds the wearer of the reason for giving the award (consciously and unconsciously) up to 40 times a day! What more effective way to create driver safety awareness than giving a gold and diamond Safe Driving Ring?

Driver Safety Award rings are given for accident-free performance and employee retention:

  • At a pre-determined length of time: 1, 2, 5 Years of Service, etc.
  • At a pre-determined number of safe miles driven: 1, 2, 3 Million Safe Miles.

The above can be reflected in the design of the ring in a variety of ways.

Example Driver Safety Award Rings

View what other companies have offered their drivers below or or browse our complete collection of styles.

Sales award ring design steps:

1) Browse ring style options. After you have determined the award criteria, review all of our available ring styles online. This will give you some ideas other clients have used. Decide on a ring style that projects the desired “look” that will motivate your sales staff. Do you want a conservative or a more contemporary look, or a championship style?

2) Sketch ring design. On our ring design examples page or the above images, click on a ring photo to open a “blank ring template” window. Print out the template and do a quick sketch of the art and lettering that you would like to see on the ring. The entire ring top and sides can be customized to reflect your sales recognition program. Rings can be "personalized" with:

  • Company name and logo.
  • Name of the program, such as 'MILLION SAFE MILE CLUB'
  • An image of the model of truck cab driven. This could include the trailer with name of the company.
  • Mission words that inspire, such as 'Professional', 'On-Time Delivery', 'Safe Driver', etc.'

Do not be concerned about your lack of artistic ability as a LoGoLD artist will bring your sketch to professional quality.

3) Send us the ring tempalte. Email the sketch for a current quote to A LoGoLD representative will contact you within 24 hours. The art can be revised as necessary until you are satisfied with the look and that it is accurately reflecting the award program.

LoGoLD's design team can assist you how to design your Safety Award Ring.