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Started in 1990, LoGoLD began as a jewelry manufacturing company supplying precious metal casting services to retail jewelry stores. Two years later, the firm linked up with skilled engravers, artists, and die makers. Using metal-mold technology enabled a far greater level of precision detail to our jewelry products. The target market expanded from a relatively small base of retail jewelers to the huge awards market including virtually any company or organization.

Finding itself among a small handful of larger competitors, each with an on-road sales force, LoGoLD positioned itself by offering high quality customer service and broadened range of design options. Unlike other competitors, our firm is not contractually bound to an established network of on-road reps and agents that simply mark up the price to you, their customer. LoGoLD can link directly to the end customer by advertising through the internet, thereby avoiding the additional markup and passing along the savings to the end customer. The internet allows you to buy direct from the source and save.

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Designing your own ring isn't very difficult. We have created a simple four step process to follow to make your job as easy as possible. Learn more

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